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Industrial Laser Welding protection products

Take advantage of the latest laser welding technologies whilst protecting your employees from the health risks.

Kyrus Laser Enclosures draw upon years of machine and process guarding experience and our proprietary system will give you a cost effective and robust solution that has the modularity to allow future expansion.

Why do I need a laser enclosure?

Laser welding is a leading edge technology in modern manufacturing which offers low running costs, minimal setup, ease of use, excellent energy efficiency, minimal use of consumables, minimal post processing requirements and exceptional weld quality of both similar and disimilar metals.


However, the use of lasers can also pose significant safety risks to operators and other personnel in the vicinity of the welding process. Safety precautions when working with class 4 lasers cannot be understated.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any class 4 laser equipment is operated in a safe way!

The safest way to protect uninvolved people from the invisible risks of laser radiation is to install an enclosed laser cabin and create a 'laser controlled area'.

The installation of an enclosure for laser welding is a critical safety measure to protect people and equipment from potential hazards.

This will not only help protect from the risks of laser radiation, but it will also help contain harmful gases and tiny, cancerous, combustible particles that arise from the welding process.

An enclosure provides a controlled and isolated environment for the laser welding process, minimizing the risk of exposure to laser radiation, hazardous fumes and sparks. This significantly improves the safety of the personnel working around the welding area and prevents accidents or injuries.


Using a kyrus laser cabin will help create a laser controlled area and comply with safety regulations and standards which must not be overlooked.

A man in gloves at the enterprise welds metal products by laser welding on a metal workben

The Kyrus enclosure system

Kyrus has been manufacturing machine and process guarding for over 10 years. Our knowledge and experience has allowed us to design a system that is perfect for the design and construction for laser cabins.

Every Kyrus laser cabin has the following features:

  • Interlocks fitted to access doors.

  • labyrinth seals on access doors to prevent laser emmisions escaping the enclosure.

  • Optional roof modules.

  • Floor seals to prevent laser emmisions escaping the enclosure.

  • Illuminated laser warning signage.

  • Internal lighting.

  • Internal power distribution for lighting, weld equipment and ancilliaries.

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