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Our laser safe optical viewing window can be added to the dedicated section of the enclosure in place of a blank panel or CCTV system.

The optical window blocks the harmful wavelengths of laser emmissions whilst allowing clear vision into the laser cabin.



This optical window is only for use with hand held laser welders upto 1500w in power with a 1060-1100nm wavelength!

If you are not sure about your laser specifications, please contact us, or choose a CCTV system. Damage to an optical laser window can negate its protection abilities. CCTV systems should be used unless it is absolutely necessary to use an optical window.



  • Viewing size of 875mm Wide X 280mm High when installed in the appropriate position of the enclosure.
  • Blocks dangerous wavelengths of 1060-100nm
  • Design for fibre welding lasers
  • 3mm thick acrylic material
  • OD7+ Rating



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Laser Safe Optical Viewing Window

SKU: OS-000030
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