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The KY-LENC-005 is a 4m x 4m laser welding enclosure equipped with a 2m ultra wide sliding door perfect for laser welding large components and assemblies


The basic enclosure is supplied without a roof or vision system - Roof and vision modules can easily be added (see below).


Add-on Options

ASM-000139: Roof Module for 4m x 4m Laser Enclosure


ASM-000136: CCTV Vision System


OS-000030: Optical Viewing window


This laser enclosure is designed to provide optimal safety during handheld laser welding applications. It is constructed from an anodised alumium framework which has been specially designed for guarding and process protection applications. The enclosure features a large interlocked sliding door for easy access and reliable protection - This interlock connects to your laser welder to form part of the safety system. 

The laser enclosure is designed for heavy industrial use and provides superior protection from the hazardous laser radiation. Its large size also allows for ample space for welding operations. The KY-LENC-005 is a must have for any industrial laser welding applications!



  • 4m x 4m nominal footprint dimensions
  • 2.3m internal height.
  • 2m wide, telescopic sliding door with support wheel
  • Internal lighting included.
  • Internal power distribution system included
    • Qty 1x 32A 230VAC single phase industrial socket for laser welder.
    • Qty 2x 16A 230VAC single phase industrial socket for wire feeder and / or fume extraction.
    • Qty 2x 13a 230VAC single phase 3-pin UK domestic socket for lighting and accessories.
  • Illuminated 'Laser On' warning signage.
  • Integrated upper trunking for cable & hose management.
  • Fully modular system, can be configured to your exact needs and layout requirements.
  • Laser safe pass through gland for power and service cables as well as welding gas hoses.
  • Labrynth seals and flash guards featured throughout the design, including floor seals.
  • Supplied as flat pack - Easy installation with support available from Kyrus.
  • Compliant with EN60825-4.
  • Designed & Manufactured in the UK.



  • Optional fully enclosed roof offers full protection from harmful laser emmisions, sparks and fumes caused by the laser welding process.
  • Optional CCTV System allows safe viewing of the laser welding process from outside of the enclosure.
  • Optional optical viewing window allows safe view of the laser welding process when a CCTV system is not desirable.


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4m x 4m laser welding enclosure with 2m sliding door

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